Parks and Natural Areas

Parks in the Hill Country include State, County, and City areas dedicated to conservation and public use. State Natural Areas are more primitive lands open to the public and generally without the amenities one finds in State parks.


Conserving land and water is a priority in the Hill Country.  Throughout the State, there are millions of acres managed as preserves under various legal titles.  The Texas Chapter of The Nature Conservancy alone has 38 nature preserves and conservation properties and more than 130 easements, protecting more than 900,000 acres.

Enchanted Rock State Park - a Sunrise Panorama

Hill Country State Natural Area

Love Creek Preserve

Garner State Park

Lost Maples State Natural Area

Pedernales Falls State Park

City and County Park Examples

Oldest City park in Texas and 10th oldest in the US. The land it sits on was declared "public land" by the King of Spain in 1729.  It contains a Grotto (fed by springs), a swimming pool (built in 1922), and community playhouse, and many athletic facilities.

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