About John Freud

John with his lovely wife, Virginia, who allows him to fill his Type "A" personality



John Freud is retired, living in Texas.  He began his photographic journey in fits and starts, but became serious about it in January, 2016, becoming a member of the Arcanium (a learning site) shortly thereafter and given the name "The Greenhorn".

He best describes himself to now be "a competent photography "opsimath" and no longer a "Greenhorn".  I dedicate this description to my initial Master and coach, Beau Rogers, my current master, Ron Clifford, and my fellow student cohorts.  I have and continue to learn through them.


My initial passion came from visits to Trey Ratcliff images emphasizing HDR.  Since that time in the beginning of 2017, I spent a lot of time honing my landscape images. I initially began this photography journey as a retirement hobby; then it became a quest; and, now it is a passion.  In addition to my travels, I am compiling an image chronology of the preserved lands in the Hill Country of Texas. This will be used in a book detailing the various efforts to accomplish this effort in hopes of motivating others to continue the pursuit.

I love images when viewed, entice the viewer into the scene in a passionate manner. They want to be there, meet the person, see the view, or feel the emotion - or all the above.

Questions or Inquiries

Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss anything that may be on your mind. If you wish to purchase an image, give me some idea of the size and whether you want it mounted. I will respond with a price. All net proceeds will be donated to Cibolo Nature Center & Farm as a donation.

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